Ethical Code in Contacting Lecturers via Mail/Chat(WhatsApp)

Be Time Concern
– Consider the time when contacting the lecturers.

Say Salam
– Always start your chat with salam.

Use “please”
– Always use the word “please’ when you want to request something.

– Please pay attention to your attitude and behavior when contacting the lecturers.

Consider the Language Usage
– Use the appropriate and polite language when contacting the lecturers.

Introduce Yourself
– Always remember to state your name when you contacting the lecturers.

Be direct to the Point
– Be straight to the point about something you concern about (your main purpose texting the lecturers) during the communication process.

Say Thank You
– Always say thank you at the end of your communication with the lecturers via mail/chat (WhatsApp).