Septhia Irnanda, S.Pd., M.TESOL., Ph.D.

Name: Septhia Irnanda, S.Pd., M.TESOL., PhD
-Bachelor of English Education (Syiah Kuala University, 2009)
-Master of TESOL (Deakin University, 2011)
-Ph.D. in English Language & Linguistics (University of the West of England, 2019)
Position: Lecturer in English Language & Linguistics / Head of English Education Department

About Me:
My main research interest is in how English as a foreign language is learnt within Indonesia’s bilingual and multilingual settings. I focus specifically on the lexicon, phonology-orthography, and the interplay of these elements of English with the learner’s other languages linguistically.

Besides English, I have also previously researched the motivation and historical perspective of sound change and dialects within multilingual Indonesia. Indonesia comprises many ethnic languages and dialects yet currently, the number of studies focusing on the mapping of these phenomena are scarce, especially those done from the perspective of native linguists. My latest article on Indonesian dialectal change looks at how the final -k syllabic words are becoming phonologically exclusive in the Indonesian national broadcasting language. My other language focus is Acehnese. In one of my studies, I look at how the contact between the Acehnese and the Indonesian Standard has made some sound shifts among the speakers.

My research is both empirical and theoretical in nature with respondents and audio texts and corpus as the main source of data.


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